Friendship is about being there through sunny and rainy days.  But if the friend you’re helping is never around for you on rainy days, while you always have an umbrella for them… ask yourself, what kind of friendship are you end.

“Is this friend there for you when you have a tough time?” Pease Gadoua asked. “Toxic needy people tend to be intolerant of others with needs. Your healthy friends will be able to reciprocate lending a helping hand.”

3. The Narcissist

Not everyone you’ve met who’s vain or vaguely self-absorbed is a narcissist. It’s important to note that narcissism exists on spectrum. But even a little bit of narcissistic behavior can be hard to stomach when you’re dealing with it daily or weekly. 

According to Tessina, “People who just take and never reciprocate think the world is all about them,” she said. “They will drain you dry emotionally like emotional vampires. Don’t allow them space in your life.”

4. The Eternal Critic

Your time with close friends should be rejuvenating and judgment-free. If your friend is constantly criticizing you for your choices,it might be time to re-evaluate their place in your life, said Laura Heck, a marriage and family therapist in Salt Lake City and co-host of “Marriage Therapy Radio.”

“Do you ever find yourself withholding details about who you are dating or a career change just to avoid the judgment?” Heck said. “You should never have to defend yourself for being who you are. There are many people in this world who will stand in your light and help you shine brighter.There is no point in dimming your light to make others more comfortable.”

5. The Attention-Seeker

The attention-seeker lives every day like it’s their birthday ― or their birthday week, because you know they’re into that sort of thing. The problem is, it’s exhausting to be around someone that self-indulgent, especially when they monopolize the conversation and dictate your plans together.