Have you ever wondered if you’ve made the right choice with your husband? If he truly is the one for you and if maybe you’ve rushed into things without analyzing his personality thoroughly? No matter how long you’ve been together before marriage, every woman asks herself these questions, has these doubts and questions her choices sometimes. How can you be sure if your husband is the right one for you? Well, if he does half of the things on the list below, you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to marriages and you should hold on to your man:

He’s your biggest support
If your husband supports you in everything you do you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice. A good partner should always be by your side and cheer for you no matter what you do. He should be the first to give you a hand and the last to stay behind when everything is over. He should be your rock and you should be happy if he is.

He keeps you cool
When things get hectic and you think your head will explode from all the deadlines, your partner should be your life vest that will keep you from sinking down. The moment you walk through the door, when you see his face everything fades away and a sense of calmness sets in. He helps you achieve inner peace and helps you through the storm.

He still has a crush on you
If his face lights up whenever he sees you he’s a keeper. He isn’t taking you for granted and tries to show you how much he loves you every chance he gets. A partner who’s fully committed and invested in your marriage is the most important thing in a marriage and if your husband treats you this way you should definitely keep him.

He is reliable
No matter what happens you know that he will be there and you’ll overcome all the challenges together. You need a man in your life you can rely on, for better or for worse, in sickness or in health.

He values your together-time
Despite all the work obligations, house chores and the busy schedules, he always finds time for just the two of you. It may be a whole afternoon, or just half an hour before bedtime, but he knows that your together time is precious and tries to make the best of it.

He respects his mother