Strong, confident women are making themselves known more and more each day. These women realize that to get what they want, to be treated with respect they have to take matters into their own hands and not be shy about going after what they want in life.

These remarkable females know their worth and are not afraid to voice their opinions. They know exactly what they want from life and they don’t sit around expecting things to fall into their laps. They work hard to achieve their biggest goals and deepest desires.

But most importantly, strong women refuse to let themselves be defined by men.

They will never be obedient and submissive to another person.

They will never kiss any man’s ass to get ahead or keep one in their life.

Because real, courageous ladies are not afraid to be alone. They’ve been through a lot in life and they know that the only way to find happiness is by creating it yourself.

They’ve wasted a lot of their energy dealing with toxic individuals to finally understand that this life is short enough as it is and the only way to make it worthwhile is by focusing on yourself.

I know what you think, it’s far easier to talk about strong women, than to actually be a strong woman.

It takes courage and the will to fight for what you deserve , and not settle for what comes along the way.

It takes countless sleepless nights of contemplating life.