Being a night owl enables you to think through your problems and come up with better and more creative solutions. And maybe it would interest you to know that some notable people, such as Charles Darwin, Keith Richards, Winston Churchill, and Elvis Presley are all famous for being night owls.

Intelligent people curse more often.

You’re messy and stay up late. And look, if you also tend to often swear, don’t be embarrassed as this is one more plus.

There’s a common belief that people use cuss words because they’re unable to find better words, i.e. they lack vocabulary, with which they could express themselves. However, one study shows that this isn’t true.

The study indicated that people who curse have a higher IQ. It also showed that knowing and using a wide range of swear words is an indicator of rhetorical strength rather than a “limited vocabulary.”

So, it turns out that swearing doesn’t make you an indecent or vulgar person. Moreover, if cursing makes you feel less stressed, then make sure you keep this “nasty” habit of yours.