Old is the new ‘New’. The vintage craze continues as the Pinup style alludes feminine charm that is hard to compete with. The epitome of vintage hair is fascinating with perfectly coiled locks, waves, baby bangs and upswept rolls that may look complicated but are in fact easy to master.

Here are the top five pinup hairstyles that are in up and rolling in the fashion industry.

1. Victory Rolls: Center part your hair and divide it into three parts: back, left and right. Brush the right side till it is completely smooth and roll it in an upward direction. Use of pins will be handy in keeping your hair in the proper position with extra support. Do the same with the left side. Now brush the hair in the back and comb upwards in a roll near the nape of your neck.

2. To Catch a Thief: Create a slight pompadour with a fringe section and create a puff by combing the interior side of the hair to form a bun. Use bobby pins to pin the hair along the buns base to keep it secure.

3. A Star is Born: More than the hairstyle, this style depends largely on the way you dramatize the makeup applied. Take a slight parting on the side and style it away and up from the face. Before starting blow dry your hair for better effects.

No matter the type of pinup hairdo that you choose, the best way to pull it off is to make sure that your hair looks neat and polished without the slightest hinge of messiness. Add in a catchy red lipstick and a cat-eye look to steer everybody’s glance your way. Get ready for the vintage fever with these pinup hairdos that you will enjoy!