Getting older can be rough, especially if you have health problems. But it’s better than the alternative. And if you’ve chosen the right person to grow old with you’ll enjoy your golden years a whole lot better, and longer!

A happy marriage can provide you with more than just a lifetime companionship. Having the right partner could even provide you with health benefits along the way. According to recent studies, a smart woman is one of the best things for a man’s health in the later part of his life.

Alzheimer’s and dementia is unfortunately common in old age. It is diagnosed in many people every year. It is hard not only on the person, but their loved ones as well. However, it has the chance of being prevented.

According to Professor Lawrence Whalley, a professor at the University of Aberdeen, there is no better way to try to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia than intelligence provided by a spouse. In his 2016 talk, “Dementia: How Can We Protect Ourselves?” he named different activities that can help ward off dementia such as puzzles and museums. What surprised everyone though was when he stated for men to ward off dementia, they should marry a smart woman.