Karma is an understanding that good becomes good, bad unleashes the bitch, and life is a constant exchange of cause and effect. As we practice the laws of karma, we can find inner peace which will give us better mental clarity, better physical health, and also be extended outwards to help others improve their lives.


First Law – The Great Law

Known as the Law of Cause and Effect, this law says you get what you give. In other words, if you project positivity and happiness to others. Then, in turn, you will receive the same.

Second Law – Creation

Things, both good and bad, don’t just happen. Therefore, create the good and positive things you want to see in your life.

Third Law – Humility

Be accepting of the good and bad in your life. Do not dwell on the bad. Otherwise, those negative feelings associated with it will remain with you.

Fourth Law – Growth

Understand we only have control over ourselves. We cannot change our surroundings, be it people or our environment. We can, however, change who we are in our hearts and minds.

Fifth Law – Responsibility

If something feels wrong, most times the conflict is within ourselves. We represent what is around us, and what is around us mirrors us. Therefore, we must take responsibility for the things in our lives.

Sixth Law – Connection