Common courtesy and manners are still relevant, even in the age of social media.  Good manners are a sign of politeness and respect for others.  If you want to be treated in a civilized manner, you have to project civility outwards.

Take a look at the following common courtesies.  How many are you practicing?

1. Don’t break up with someone by text. And don’t announce a death in the family by text. There are still times when a phone call or face-to-face contact is the best way to go.

2. If you can’t attend an event that you’re formally invited to, be sure to RSVP your decision. Saying nothing is not the same as declining. And don’t RSVP at the last minute for an event that involves real planning by the host.

3. Office refrigerator, if you didn’t put the food in, don’t eat it. And don’t leave leftovers in until they morph into a ghoulish nightmare!

4. Don’t bellow on your cell phone. Just because you can’t hear the other person well doesn’t mean the other person can’t hear you well. But we sure do.

5. Turn off your cell at a dinner party, and live in the moment. At a bare minimum, turn off the ringer.

6. When you get to the front of the line at Starbucks, don’t tell the barista to wait while you wrap up your phone discussion. The barista hates you, and so does everyone behind you.