Lots of things can cause a headache, from a sinus infection or illness to tension. Tension is usually the leading cause. Up until I watched this video, my method was always to pop a pill and take a time to put pressure the web between my thumb and first finger on my hand. I’ve always done both at the same time, so I’m not sure whether it’s the acupressure or ibuprofen, but the combo is unstoppable.

I had a deadline to meet the other day and was a bit behind my timeline for completing. Of course, it wasn’t the perfect time; headaches never seem to come when you have time to malinger or take 20 minutes to recoup. They typically come when you have no time to take a half day or half hour break and a deadline to meet.

Normally, I’d pop some ibuprofen and hope it got better, which it does most of the time after a 15 minute to a half hour wait. In the meantime, I’m working at less than half speed.

A friend had posted a link on Facebook, and I not only had watched it, but I also put it in my favorites to “try sometime.” That sometimes was today.

The strategy?
The video only takes two and a half minutes and by the end of it, you’re supposed to be a headache free. Having already watched, I knew it was a visualization exercise, but slightly different from others. Instead of visualizing your headache disappearing, you’re just identifying it by color, shape, and location.

It reminded me of one of those exorcism movies, where you have to identify the demon by name before you can banish it from the person. Before the end of the video, I found my headache had not just gotten better; it disappeared entirely. Wow! It was like magic! In record time, three minutes, I was back to work and feeling great.
At one time, I only used techniques if I knew why they worked. While this may be a relaxation technique and you simply don’t realize you’re relaxing because you’re focused on something, I don’t care. Seriously, I don’t know exactly how texts seem to appear magically on your phone, but I text regularly, and it never bothered me.