Corsets can look intimidating, but there are so many factors that go into it. ⌛ I can’t stress enough about how they must fit one’s individual size and body type. 👕
Some folks get intrigued by the curve of my corset, and when seeking out a corset of their own, want to dive right into something just as exaggerated. 👀 Others are turned off by my look and think that there’s no choice in avoiding an unnatural shape if they ever purchased one themselves. 😱
Personally, I wouldn’t recommend something too extreme if someone is just starting out. 🙅🏻 I didn’t start off wearing a crazy curve 〰; my first corset just barely pulled me in at the sides. 👚⬅ It gave me a chance to see if I even enjoyed wearing them and what the process of tightlacing will be like over time. 🤔 Not to mention, I wasn’t experienced enough to size down more than an inch or two at the time. ➰ There’s no way that back then I could have worn the type of corsets I’m wearing now. ❌ Corsetry is an exercise in patience since rushing to reach a certain size can be potentially dangerous. ⚠ Apart from sizing, one has to take into account all the different styles and shapes. 🔷💜 But we’ll touch on that later. 😁