Shannon Battle with Families Services of America suggests establishing boundaries as the best way to approach a toxic person. Battle says, “Anytime you deal with toxicity, understand there is a learning curve. There will be periods of uncertainty, guilt, and possible loss in relationships. You have to determine the level of sacrifice you are willing to make to protect your emotions and those that trust you to protect them as well. Sometimes, you have to hurt one to help another. The hurt is never intended to be malicious but always done with love and respect. Behavior is choice-driven.”

It won’t feel natural to remove a family member from your life. Especially if the toxic person is a parent or sibling. There are so many emotions and strings attached, and it will, of course, shake the foundation your life is based on.

But if you do not resist this impulse, you will have to pay the price to keep that foundation intact; and that price is your mental stability.