There is a fine line between constructive feedback and opinion based judgment. You will know when their criticism is helpful or they are just trying to bring you down.

3. They abuse your energy.

They will use up all your positive energy to make some sense of their miserable lives, and when you need them, they will disappear.

4. They are not trustworthy.

If your family member knows all your strengths and weaknesses and uses them against you when the times are tough, you know they are not the ones to be trusted with your secrets or personal information.

5. They blame you for their mistakes.

Do you have a family member who emotionally dependent on you and has made you the anchor of their life? Chances are they are feeding off your energy and will continually blame you for not being there, even if they know that you have a life of your own.

6. The people around you determine their behavior towards you.

One on one, the toxic person may be sarcastic and mean towards you, but in front of certain people they come across as caring and thoughtful to your concerns. Their demeanor changes according to who is in the room with you.

How to deal with a toxic family member