Family is the one special bond that should not be broken. At least that’s what society has conditioned us to believe. However, that sentiment is not always true. Sometimes that bond has to be cut to maintain your emotional stability, peace of mind, or personal safety.

Some people try keeping distance between themselves and the toxic family member, while others realize that the only solution is breaking the bond entirely and letting them go indefinitely.

A toxic family member can do way more harm than a friend or an acquaintance. And the emotional fallout is felt much deeper.  Any toxic relationship can drain you emotionally, but one with your family members can impact your overall mental health.

Now, it might be possible to remove toxic lovers, friends, acquaintances or colleagues from your life without too much drama and aftermath, but doing so with your immediate family is harder and might not be accepted by other family members.

So before you start shutting people down, it’s important to understand the signs of a negative person. If any member of your family shows the following symptoms, you can be assured that they are a threat to your mental health:

1. They make you the victim of their insecurities.

Instead of appreciating what you have achieved in life, they will point out what you haven’t. They will remind you constantly that life is unfair and there is nothing to be happy about because they are personally feeling it.

2. They will always judge you.