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@lilianewolf A stage/film director, actor, cosplayer, writer and cofounder of 68 Productions (a theater company based in New Jersey) and now @thelastpinup and host of @pinupdirectory
Pinup has always had a special place my heart. It all started with one basic piece that paved the way for my love of this culture: corsets. I have been fascinated by the gorgeous silhouette of steel–boned corsets since I was young. It wasn’t until New York Comic Con 2008 that I first tried on a real corset and fell head over heels! Now, I may have grown accustomed to wearing corsets over and under clothing in the last 10 years, but I’ll freely admit I lacked the confidence to wear pinup styles until more recently!
It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when my theater company had entered an original short play into a competition where I had been cast as a pinup waitress named Bettie Sage (tee–hee!). It was intimidating, but putting on that costume became the catalyst that drove me out of my comfort zone and showed me that the world of pinup is much more than an allure of artwork and pretty girls – – it’s a warm community that supports each other! As I experimented to find my own pinup style, I kept leaning more toward the alternative pinup fashions (sometimes giving them my own twist). Don’t get me wrong – – depending on my mood or a special event, the playfulness of the classic pinup is exactly what I need some days! There’s so much range to pinup clothing that I don’t ever feel boxed into one category. It’s an honor to be involved with The Last Pinup! It gives me the chance to finally give back and support others who can also appreciate the fun and aesthetics this vintage style has to offer.

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