Many women feel they cannot wear a corset because they have a certain body type. I am here to defunct this myth.  Most  women can wear a corset, you just need to know which style suits your body shape best.

Are you Big Busted?

Then a steel boned corset is definitely for you, the steel boned will hold you in. Also look for a modest bust line on a corset, as this is a higher bust line and will not have your cleavage spilling over and out of the corset. Unless of course you want it to, then look out for a sweetheart shaped bust line.

Are you an Apple Shape?

An apple shape lady is generally largest around the middle area, her tummy. Many women after having children tend to adopt this shape and we  always recommend an under bust corset. A steel boned under bust corset will pull your tummy in a lot more than a less expensive acrylic boned corset, do bear that in mind when purchasing a corset. The under bust style corset will pull your waist in and smooth your shape and help enhance your bust. This is what most women are trying to achieve and can be achieved with the right fitting under bust steel boned corset.

Are you a Tall and Slender?

I’m tall and slender, why would I want to wear a corset?  Simply because corsets are beautiful and aren’t just made for curvy ladies. A lady who is 5 foot 7 inches and taller will need to be looking out for an 18 inch in length corset. This will ensure the corset sits over your hips nicely and not look too short. Most corsets are between 14-15 inches in length, not ideal for taller ladies.

Are you Small Busted?

This is where the bust line is so important – always go for a sweetheart bust line. This particular bust shape on a corset dips and gives cleavage, hence ideal for ladies who want to enhance the look of their bust.

Women are all shaped differently but that is no reason why a woman with any of the above body shapes cannot wear a corset and look amazing.

Laced Corsets has taken pride in helping  many women look and feel sexy and confident. I would hope we can do the same for you.  Please take a few minutes to peruse the beautiful corsets on our website ( and just imagine yourself in one of our high quality corsets.