Halloween, once a way for kids to dress up and get a shit-load of candy… for free! Is now one of the biggest money making occasions for retailers. Because not only do kids love Halloween, but adults do also, shelling out big bucks for costumes and decorations.

Good news is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get both an amazing and terrifying look. There are some incredible Halloween makeup ideas out there, and even better, they come with tutorials. Sure, you’ll probably have to commit to a bit of practice if you plan on bringing your ghoulish A-game, but it’ll all be worth it to see the look of horror and amazement in someone’s face.

Take a look at what these makeup artists have created for a bit of inspiration, team them with our own Halloween makeup tutorials and see if you can emulate their impressive Halloween creations.

1. Vampire

This is an edgy take on the classic vampire. Think The Vampire Diaries meets Underworld, meets Twilight, and you’re on the right track. Ditch the traditional black lipstick and opt for plumped red lips, face full of veins and finished off with red contact lenses.

2. Skull face

If you like the split-face Halloween makeup ideas, but you want to keep one eye free for your signature feline flick, then why not try this skull? It somehow manages to look both glamorous and ghastly, and love how effective the illusion looks. Very Jack Skellington, we must say.

3. Millennial Witch