The benefits of using coconut oil seem to expand daily as scientists and nutritionists take deeper looks at the tropical magic. One of the many things it can do is help keep your nails looking and feeling healthy. So take a trip to your local grocery store, pick up some coconut oil, and start making a more beautiful you.

What are the Benefits of Coconut Oil?

The combination of fatty acids and medicinal properties make this oil a superfood, excellent for ingesting or using topically. Coconut oil is packed with acids that act to both assist brain health and combat disease. Some studies show that it can even help those who suffer from seizures by limiting the amount of seizures they experience.

But the oil has wonderful benefits without being ingested as well. The fatty acids work to increase lipid content on skin as well as keep it moisturized and soft. Because it is a completely natural substance, you don’t run the risk of having harmful chemicals or additives absorb into your skin. In your hair, the rich compounds of the oil work to nourish and hydrate.

1. To Keep Your Skin Strong, Healthy, and Protected

The oily feel will protect your skin from dry weather and harsh winds, and it actually blocks out harmful UV rays as a natural sun protectant. All of those natural vitamins and fatty acids are some of the best ways to prevent signs of aging, too, so feel free to use on your face as well.

2. Alleviate Splitting Nails

Because the oil helps retain moisture, you’ll notice that by keeping the oil on your hands, you’ll actually start to have healthier nails. Your skin and nails begin to heal themselves with consistent application. So those pesky split and weak nails you get will actually be boosted by the fatty acids and vitamins in the oil and over time be healthy again.

3. To Treat Fungal Infections

If you’re seeking to treat fungal infections or disease, try adding some herbs, like oregano, to the oil and creating a paste. By rubbing this on the infected area and letting it sit, the oil will fight the bacteria and the oregano will act as a cleanser as well.

4. Get Rid of Dandruff