Have you even seen his wallet?

No one wants to think they are being used for their money, car, or home, but it does happen and it’s important to know when it’s happening to you. If you remain in denial about the situation, you may end up feeling used and abused or even worse, in financial trouble yourself. Here are five signs that the man you’re dating may be using you for your money.

1. He has endless financial troubles

If you’re a financially stable woman who is dating a man who has never-ending financial troubles, this could be a sign that you’re being used for your money. You know this is true if he asks you to help him out of his financial jams. He might not directly ask you, but he will bring up his problems often to make sure you’re aware of them. This is a technique used so that he doesn’t have to ask you, but you’ll offer him the money he needs.

2. He’s much younger than you

This fact alone does not mean that he is dating you for your money, but if you find yourself wondering why he’s dating you because you have nothing in common, it could be because you have more money than he does. Obviously as an older woman you’re more likely to have a house, a car, or a healthy bank account. If he benefits from your financial freedom, that may be his motivation for dating you.

3. He doesn’t have a job