They do not need a man in order to feel emotionally accomplished and complete. They have loving families, great friends, and stable careers. These women always have new passions and goals to pursue.

If they have a partner, it should be someone who can deal with this and the fact that they will be fulfilled and successful.

#2 They Do Not Want to Be a Second Option

These women always want to be your priority and not an option. They will never settle for less than they deserve, and they won’t want for man to make them an option.

In relationships, they always give 100 %, and they expect the same from their partners, less than that is not an option.

#3 These women have put in a lot of energy and effort in becoming accomplished

They do whatever possible to improve themselves on the professional and personal level. They just want to be the best possible version of themselves.

They know that in order to become what they want to be they must act, and that is what they do – work on themselves.