The charmer, the bad boy, the mysterious, and the handsome narcissist! Why are so many women attracted to the men born under these zodiac signs with these traits? Even when they know the relationship will probably end in disaster. If you are dating someone under the following zodiac signs, beware! Unfortunately, you probably couldn’t help yourself because the attraction was just too strong.

1. Men Born Under the Gemini Sign (May 21 – June 20)

Men born under this zodiac sign can easily sweep a woman off her feet. They exude charm as effortlessly as breathing, and most women find it intoxicating. Their gentle mannerisms and romantic nature are enough to get all the ladies drooling over them. Gemini men are great to talk to, and their emotional quotient is high, which easily wins women’s hearts. Amongst the many wonderful qualities that Gemini men have, a significant one is that they can understand a woman’s heart.

But the love from a Gemini can be fleeting as they desire excitement and variety. You will have to work hard at keeping the relationship with the Gemini man fresh and exciting.

2. Men Born Under the Leo Sign (July 23 – August 22)