With summer almost here, you’ll want to look great in your new bathing suit, right? And to do so, you’re probably hitting the gym and watching what you eat so that you look amazing by the pool or on the sand. But if you’re not ready to go sleeveless this summer, here are some exercises that will help firm up your arms so that you can get rid of annoying bat wings:

1.    Triceps lift
Get a dumbbell (about 8 to 10 lbs. or heavier if you can) with either your right or left hand and then stand in a split stance with the opposite foot forward. You’ll want to bend your knee on the foot going forward and then lower your torso until it’s parallel to the ground while your back leg is straight. Your shoulders should be facing forward. Then lift your arm with the weight and point it up to the ceiling. Pulse the arm up and down, while keeping it as straight as you can. Do about 25 pulses before you switch sides. You’ll want to do at least two to three reps of this.

2.    Triceps pushups
Place your hands directly below your shoulders and have your feet about hip-width apart. Keep your elbows pointed back and as close to your sides. Lower your body to the floor slowly and once your chest gets close to the floor press back up so that you’re in a straight-arm plank. Keep your core sucked in before doing it again for 10 reps.

3.    Triceps extension
Grab a dumbbell with both of your hands overhead and then move your shoulders down to your back, while engaging your core. Keep your elbows pointed forward and bend them so that the weight touches your back if possible. Then bring the weight back to starting position. Make sure that you are keeping your butte and core engaged while working your arms. Do 20 reps at least two to three times for best results. by Linda Bell