This Exercise Without Movement To Tighten Every Muscle

If you want a genuinely useful exercise that doesn’t require you to move around wildly, you’ll love this one. It’s tough, so I can’t say you won’t be huffing and puffing.
But it’s also easy to do, and you can do it even when you’re visiting Aunt Jane, as long as you have your own room, and no one will be the wiser. By devoting just five minutes each day to this exercise, you’ll get amazing results.

Get into Position
The positioning of your body is the most important part of the exercise. You’ll be in what looks like a modified push-up position with your weight balanced on your toes and forearms.
To get into this position, you’ll bend your arms at your elbow with your elbows directly under the shoulders. Your body will be prone, parallel to the floor and elevated slightly above the ground allowing only the toes and forearms to touch and remaining perfectly still.

This position puts stress on some muscles, which include the back, buttocks, stomach, arms, and hands. It’s called “the plank” because your body should look like a straight plank balanced on your forearms and toes and while it doesn’t require any movement it’s tough to do. The object of the exercise is to remain in a static position.

The Static Exercise