Steel Boned Diva

Things You Should Know About Corsets

Corsets are designed to suppress the waistline to give the body an hourglass like shape. They acquire their stiffness from the built-in boning material. Steel boned are typically made of either nylon coated spring steel or galvanized spring steel. They can give the perfect support to your waist and are the best garments for improving the posture. Twelve flat steel bones are integrated in a cotton body to give the corset its stiff elegant form. A steel boned corset can be worn as outwear, evening-wear, undergarment or lingerie. You can tighten or loosen the strings at the back of the corset to improve comfort.

Plastic boned corsets

A corset with plastic boning should be the preferred choice of women who would love to replace their sexy lingerie with a corset. They are ideally suited for women who are reluctant to carry the weight of heavier steel boned corset and want to move their body freely. The flexible plastic bones of the corset will hardly alter the shape of your waist. They are usually cheaper than the steel boned.

Bridal corsets

For decades, the gorgeous bridal corset has been an important constituent of the bridal wear. Adorned with laces, meshes or ribbons, these lovely corsets can complement the most expensive bridal gowns on the special day of your life. You can also try a plus size reversible corset. With the reversible zippers, built in straps and buttons and adjustable lace up back you can give the same corset two completely different looks.