How To

The Pin-up Look for Beginners

For the BEST Pin-up look, eyes are to be emphasized as much as possible therefore you will use black mascara and/or fake eyelashes or extensions to compliment your real eyelashes. Always have an eyelash curler handy!

Pin Up Eyes – You will need: Eye shadows-neutral or dark brown and grays, dark colored liquid eyeliner.

Eye shadow colors should be neutral in dark browns or grays with highlighting that deepens the eyelid. Most importantly the eyelid will almost always be defined with deep colored liquid eyeliner that wings out at the outermost corners of your lids. Black is the preferred color, but dark gray, dark brown or dark blue will also work.

Pin Up Lips – You will need: Lip color should be as dark and deep red as your skin tone allows.

Such an important step to getting the Pin-up look. If you’re not used to wearing lipstick…well, it’s just become your best friend.
The lips are lined in the same color as the lipstick. Outline your lips to the very edges or slightly beyond your lip line (be reasonable, you want it to look sexy, not like you don’t know what you’re doing with your makeup).

Cheek rouge should produce the effect of a slight blush, try using a deep pink.

Foundation is VERY important for the pin-up look. Most Pin-ups have perfect, and flawless skin and their skin is usually quite pale if they are Caucasian. Good excuse to stay out of the sun and save your skin from wrinkles, skin cancer, sunspots, and other imperfections.

3. Clothing