How To

Temporary Tattoo Coverup

Check Out This Tutorial for Temporarily Covering Up Tattoos.

It’s amazing how many people have tattoos.  At one time only bikers, sailors and loose women were thought to have tattoos, that stereotype has definitely changed. The number of people getting tattoos seems to be on the rise these days. More and more young people are getting them, but that doesn’t mean that some companies and businesses are receptive to them.  While many companies are relaxing their polices on visible tats, some companies have doubled-down.

There may come a time when you need to temporarily cover up a tattoo and you don’t want to wear long sleeves or use a bandage.  Going on a date with a new guy but you have your exes name on your arm, or a job interview and you’re not quite sure of their policy on tats, you may want to cover the tat up.  No need to explain to your date the significant of a tattoo on the first date or have your resume eighty-sixed as you walk out of the interview.