How To

Spring Break Look Tips

Ready for a new look for Spring Break? Try these on for size.

Your Spring Break Lipstick

Begin your day with a light, natural lipstick shade to give you a breezy, springy look at the beach. Pack a darker lipstick to give your lips a stronger pop for the nighttime. This will carry your look over into the evening with minimal adjusting. A personal favorite of ours is Scarlet Empress semi-matte lipstick made by Nars.

Your Spring Break Skincare

As the temperature adjusts, it can be potentially harsh for your skin. Just like when the weather turns cold, as the weather gradually turns hot, you might notice a change. Not to mention that as the sun shines more, and you’re out in it, sunburn naturally occurs.

For your base, use a moisturizing such as Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. This is a cream that will help keep your skin protected in the sun with its 15 SPF sunscreen and give you hydration, so that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or sticky.

(Note that the SPF # does not really indicate strength. You don’t need to buy a higher SPF for maximum protection. Instead, the number is an indicator of how long it takes you to burn without sunscreen. For example, if you burn within 15 minutes in direct sunlight, then you want to get the SPF 15. Not too hard, it’s just that people generally misunderstand this.)

A Fresh Foundation