How To

Pinup on Budget

Pinups have been an endless fashion rooting back to the 1950s and still going strong today. However the question that will most probably haunt your mind is: “Is pin up possible on a budget?” Absolutely- and here is how.

·       Start at your wardrobe: The best place to look for pinup clothes is at your wardrobe. From knee length flowy skirt or dress to printed tops, you can simply add a petticoat underneath to give it a vintage look.

·       Hair: Bows, flowers, and fascinators are just some of the hairdo accessories that you can choose to invest in to give your pin up look a perfect finish.

·       Quality: When it comes to vintage look, quality is more important than quantity. Buy pieces of accessories that will go well with your wardrobe instead of looking for individual accessories that suit a particular dress.

·       Simple Shoes: Black ballet flats and black kitten heels are two of the greatest vintage pinup shoes that go with just about any and every dress you have.

·       Be patient: Patience is vital if you are looking to pinup on a budget. Be on the sharp lookout for clothes that you feel are worth your while at retail stores and grab the opportunity when they stock pinup accessories such as print dress and sunglasses.

·       Lipstick: Nothing speaks retro like a dark shade of red lipstick that will make your lips pucker up and shine even in the dark.