Pin-Up Make Up

Marilyn Monroe is the unforgettable face that represents vintage fashion. From the 1950’s the pinup style makeup has persistently been trending over the decades and continues to sweep the fashion world with the style.

The following are the steps required to transform you and take you to the world of 1950’s.

1. Use a vanilla colored eye shadow as the base for your eye makeup.

2. Follow this up with a warm taupe colored shadow to blend with the vanilla base.

3. It is time to follow this up with a thicker shade. Use a black gel or liquid eyeliner and sweep the liner along the creases of the lower lash line.

4. Use matte powder shadow to tackle the gaps in your brows with a color that is darker than your brows by two shades, at least.

5. Apply a generous amount of mascara along the eye line.

6. Get the false lashes ready and apply glue to it. Allow it to set and then press it firmly to the lashes.

7. Your eye is now ready for the vintage look.

8. Using a wide brush to sweep across the face with a soft pink shade blush.

9. Moving on the final and most important part- the lips. With the help of a lip liner, line the outer line of your lip with a dark red lip liner. Follow this with a brush to spread the liner throughout your lips. Use a perfectly matched red lipstick to fill the lips in to give you the complete Marilyn Monroe look.