Long Lasting Frizz Control Blow Dry

For some of us, maintaining coarse frizzy hair can be a pain!

When it’s not genetics working against us, the weather wreaking havoc on our locks, it’s being in the sunlight or even the products we use.

What many people don’t realize is that it’s not just the blowdryer or straightener that they need in order to smooth out the frizz. But smoothing down frizz also requires a lot of prepping and product to preserve the smooth, sleekness. Here is a step by step guide to control frizzy hair and enjoy a smooth, long lasting blow-dry look for your hair.

This may seem like a lot but trust us, it works.

1. While your hair is still damp, prep with a hydrating frizz control leave in conditioner.

2. Now spray hair with frizz control weightless styling spray.

3. First section off your fringe or front pieces  that frame your forehead (width distance temple to temple). Using a round brush smooth this section away from your forehead gliding the dryer along the top of the hair to seal and smooth. (The key here is to point the nozzle not directly on the hair to dry, but to let it rest slightly above the hair. Doing this will allow you to control the hair creating a smooth and sleek look.)

4. Continue with the front section and wind it into a tight coiled bun. Clip and leave to set.

5. Next section off the hair on your right and left sides. If you need to create smaller sections within these sections (because your hair is thick) you may do so.