Jeffree Star SLAMS Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

Just because Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits are flying off the shelves doesn’t mean it is worth the money.

Makeup artist Jeffree Star received some and was less than impressed. According to the beauty guru’s review, the brushes on the products were “unacceptable.” Star went on to call out Jenner for sending out Lip Kits in that condition.

Many praised Star for being honest and shared photos of their own clumpy brushes. Some Jenner fans, however, called the makeup pro “disrespectful” for bashing the reality star. I for one think Star was on point!

The drama did prompt Jenner’s beauty brand to take action. In a series of tweets, Jenner posted that the brushes have been altered to be “more comfortable.” Kylie Cosmetics will be sending the new brushes to customers in order to make things right.

“Life is a learning experience, and we learn from our mistakes,” she added.

Jeffree Star slams Kylie Jenner’s lip kit