I Don’t Believe Marriage is For Me and Here’s Why

When I get married I’ll have to change my name on my documents since I imagine I’ll be taking my husband’s last name. That’s just too much work. Besides, I like my maiden name and I would like to keep it. And no, I won’t be comfortable  hyphenating my name.

I believe marriage is outdated

Society is beginning to embrace different types of relationships. They are embracing gay relationships and single parent relationships among other types of relationships. People are slowly moving away from the idea that woman have to get married in order to have children or a stable loving relationship. They are beginning to accept that it’s not the only path to follow.

I don’t want to deal with my husband’s family

The evil mother-in-law, the sisters-in-law who can’t butt out of our marriage, the brother-in-law who just bums at our house all day long, and the list goes on and on. I can’t deal with these people. They are a bunch of strangers who feel like they have a right to interfere with our marriage. I know you’re thinking that maybe I might marry a guy who has a cool family but I know the odds are against me so I won’t take any chances.

Marriage makes people stay in bad relationships