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How to Ditch Summer Body Image Issues and Shine

Remembering you are a beautiful spirit of light in a physical body might be nice, but won’t help you feel comfortable revealing more flesh than usual in the summer. When the human of your dreams strolls by, you’re unlikely to shout, “Hey, you, feast your eyes on my beautiful soul!” If you have body image issues, the chances are, you’ll cower behind a big sunhat and entertain negative thoughts. Despite your misgivings, the inner you has important information to share about self-esteem and can be helpful.



Uncover who you are

Many people emotionally freeze, regardless of the heat, when the summer arrives. The thought of stripping off to reveal a swimsuit or wearing shorts and a tight tee shirt is enough to give them hives. Telling them to throw caution to the wind and let it all hang out won’t work; they will still feel uncomfortable. However, if this sounds like you, you don’t have to face your fear because you can meet your joy instead. After all, who says wearing summer fashion has to be a confidence-bashing experience?