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Hottest 2016 Beauty Trends (So Far)

Glitter eye shadow made the rounds on the Runway last year, so this is probably to be expected that glitter lips are going to equally become showstoppers themselves.

To achieve the look, grab some spangled lipstick and sweep away the excess. We recommend D Studded Kiss Lipstick and the KA’OIR Glitz stick.

Sunset hair

Coloring hair in unusual and bright colors has been picking up speed the last few years but now it’s positively viral. Check out the sunset hair, when subtle is not an option. Pumpkin spice and rose gold hair mix together to capture the natural elegance of a sunset.


Blend the enthralling hues of dusk for these magnificent looks. Tip-offs- Rubicund, auburn, lavender, crimson and azure.

You are allowed to experiment with as up to five vivid shades or pick only 2 tones for an Ombre effect.

Figure out what you want and take some inspiration by looking up pictures online that really capture the colors you want.

2. Rose gold hair

This craze was initiated by the rose colored bracelets that made the rounds once upon a time. This trend has spread like wildfire and is all over Instagram right now.


Blend the golden straw-color with rich hues of cherry and pink. You can also plump for a rose gold or may be highlights that up the edge!

3. Galaxy hair

It’s space, but it’s on your hair! Interstellar just got the best of us, it seems.