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Hottest 2016 Beauty Trends (So Far)




Predicting what’s going to be hot in the new year can be tricky business, but we’re already seeing things that are trending fast! Even if you’re a traditionalist when it comes to beauty, a little bit of bling will keep you in fashion this season.

Here’s some breaking out trends to get you started if you want to give them a whirl!

Nail artists are setting aside the Minx sticker, bubble nails, and negative space manis of last year and are shaking it up with what’s called shattered glass Manis. It’s a 3-D perspective that’s inspired by a broken mirror, usually done with little reflective mirrors, gemstones, and crumpled shards of glass. Think about stained glass windows, but on your nails!

You can also use regular old cellophane to achieve the look.

 To get your hands on it and use some two glass-nail sticker templates. After applying the base coat and the polish, gently set the stickers and follow up with a top lacquer coat.

Glitter lips

All that glitters doesn’t have to be gold, sometimes it’s better!

This year we’re getting a callback to disco dust along the hair and, as shown, glitter lips, which add some needed shimmer to your pout, and everyone’s going to be super jealous in the process.