Hair Basics – Learning Haircut Terminology!

With the tools hairstylists are given, these days they can translate your hand motions and vague terms into an actual 3D map of your haircut. You may be toying with the idea of getting a far from basic haircut, but don’t know how to describe what you want confidently. So we’re here to help you learn the lingo so you can get the perfect cut for you.

Any properly trained stylists should be able to listen to you and give you a basic cut in their sleep, and if someone gives you consistently great hair, you should be able to trust them with a unique vision, too, provided you know how to describe it. Hair cutting terminology is more general than you may think.

First we start with the basics of length:

  • “One length” implies just that: all hairs are cut to the same length, in a horizontal line.
  • “Graduation” means the hair is cut at an angle to build weight on the way up.
  • “Layered” hair is cut vertically to fall at different lengths throughout the cut.

Next you’ll want to describe where on your head you want the hair cut: