Do You Have Lunula? What It Reveals About Your Health Condition

People with absent fingernail moon are not necessarily sick but they always have serious diseases when they feel sick. Children do not have the little moon before their growth and parents do not have to be panic since the lunula will appear after the growth of children. In addition, the lunula disappears gradually if the adults have too much night life and it’s difficult for the lunula to grow out again. So, it is not recommended to stay up late for a long time. Where the lunula reduces, people can complement with proteins and black food and do appropriate exercise.
Fingernail Lunula and Health
The lunula tells the health of human body.

Normal Conditions

1. Quantity: it would be better to have 8 to 10 lunulas on both hands;
2. Shape: it would be better to take an area of one fifth of the fingernail;
3. Color: it would be better in the color of ivory. The whiter, the better, which indicates the person is stronger.

Abnormal Conditions

The development of the lunula is affected by nutrition, environment, and physical quality. When the digestion and absorption function is poor, the lunula dims, reduces, even disappears.

The big lunula indicates the rapid blood circulation while the small lunula indicates the poor blood circulation; the lunula disappears under the condition of severe anemia. The less lunula a person has, the lower energy, colder constitution and weaker immunity he/she has, so his/her body, feet and hands are always cold.
Color of the Lunula