Boho Braided Half Crown Tutorial

  • Using a bobby pin, usually a color that blends easily with your hair (or not if you want to go for a crazier, more Harajuku-esque style), and fasten both braids in the center.
  • Now make one inch sections below your first set of braids on each side. Repeat the first set of braids we did (steps 4 and 5!) Make sure the braid is directly under your last braids.
  •  Once both sides are braided bring hair around to the middle back of your head and cross them over each other.
  • Using a bobby pin that blends with your hair color (or not), fasten both braids.
  • Once everything is fastened adjust your curls on the bottom half and style using a texture spray. (You don’t have to if you prefer to not use a lot of chemicals on your hair, the bobby pins should hold it fine at this point.)
  • You can finish off waves and look with a weightless protectant at this point as well, to make sure the waves keep their hold all day.
  • Make any further styling adjustments to your look as needed. and Enjoy an easy DIY half up boho braided up-do.