5 Signs He’s Dating You For Your Money

3. He doesn’t have a job

If the man you’re dating doesn’t have a job, he may be dating you because you have a stable job with a regular income. When you date someone without a job and money, you will be footing most of the bills. He may even start staying with you because he can’t afford his own place anymore. If he makes no attempt to get a job and expects you to pay all the bills because it’s your house, he’s dating you for your money.

4. He brags about your financial success to everyone

If the man you’re dating seems to brag to other people about your home, new car, frequent vacations, or how much money you make, he’s probably dating you because he likes those things more than he enjoys your personality, spontaneity, or kind heart. He gets more enjoyment from what you have to offer than who you are as a woman.

5. He tells you that you deserve to treat yourself

When you’re out with your boyfriend and he encourages you to treat yourself to expensive meals, drinks, and other entertainment, he is benefiting from being with you. He may push you heavily to enjoy things you don’t really want to in order to get them himself.