5 Rules Of Eyelash Extensions

When thinking of getting eyelash extensions, it’s best that you do your research to find the best technician possible since they aren’t all the same. You’ll want to see pictures of their work since quality extensions should look straight, natural and defined. And since they’re working on your eye area, you want someone who is experienced. Also make sure that you go to a lash tech that has taken courses from a reputable company so that you can be rest assured that they know what they are doing.

4. They are costly
Eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from $70 all the way up to $500 depending on who get them from and the quality of the lashes. You’ll want to compare prices and remember that you will get what you pay for so you might not want to skimp. Looking at pictures of their work will help guide you to determine if they are worth it or not.

5. Lashes can be customized
Lash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and levels of curl so that they can blend perfectly with your natural lashes. You can customize your lashes to suit your needs (natural, dramatic, etc.).