How To

4 Steps To The Perfect Pinup Face

The most common mistake is to extend a weak, skinny ‘wing’ outside the eye shape. Professional makeup artists draw a thick, bold line and take the line upward at the outer corner of the eye, rather than outward. Try thinking of it as a triangle instead of a line. Draw a line from inner to outer corner of the eye, then a second line from a point just above and outside the outer corner back toward the inner corner, meeting the first line near the center of the lid. Close the triangle with a short line at the outside edge, then fill in the triangle.


If you feel like black liner is overpowering your eyes, you might need to darken your brows for better balance. If you are very fair or have small eyes, or you just want to vary the look, go for a pop of intense color instead of classic black. Midnight blue, forest green, or deep purple are exciting choices.


Finishing touches

Add two coats of black mascara or false lashes and the basic pinup makeup is finished. Keeping it simple highilights your architectural brows, strong liner and bright lips. But if you want more, you can add a whiff of blush, white highlighter under your brows, and soft caramel contouring above the eye crease.


Take your new look out on the town with a shapely dress, some glam jewelry and soft curls at night, or pedal pushers, a fitted top and bandana-tied hair during the day. Rockabilly glamour never goes out of style!