How To

4 Steps To The Perfect Pinup Face

Vintage lips are clearly defined, bright, and matte. True red is the classic pinup color and suits almost every woman, but you might choose a rosier red (more blue) to make your teeth seem whiter, or a more golden red if you prefer warmer shades. A bright fuchsia or orange lip can bring a touch of whimsy to a retro look.


Start with a lip pencil or use a brush to get a clean line. Trace the cupid’s bow shape first; those peaks are the heart and soul of the retro lip. Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball used to draw upper lip shapes that were completely outside the lines, but unless you’re making up for photos, it’s best to keep it subtle. If your upper lip isn’t very full, round your line slightly outside your natural lip line as you move from the bow’s peaks to the outer corners.  You can also extend just beyond the lip line at the fullest part of the lower lip if for extra pout.  When the line is perfect, blend inward slightly, then fill in the lips with a bright lipstick.



Winged black liner is the defining aspect of the retro makeup look. Liquid eyeliner is the perfect choice to give you this look, but it’s also one of the hardest cosmetic products to master. Beginners usually do better with gel liner and a very small or angled brush. Gel-based pencil liners are a no-fuss option, but the pencil needs to be very sharp to get a clean line.