21 Day Morning Detox Routine for Gorgeous Skin

Lemons are also very high in vitamin C, as well as flavonoids. Vitamin C helps to keep away colds and the flu. Even better, the vitamin C helps to eliminate free radicals within your body, which are linked to diseases and aging. By eliminating free radicals, they help to reduce the signs of aging on the skin.

③ Cleanses Toxins and Excess Waste
Another benefit of lemon is that it helps cleanse toxins and excess waste from the body since it helps get your bowels moving. Just a bit of lemon juice with water in the morning can keep bowels moving normally to eliminate those toxins and any excess waste that may be in your colon.

④ Stimulates the Liver
You’ll also find that lemons help to stimulate the liver, helping to dissolve various poisons. The liver works to eliminate toxins, but even the liver needs to be detoxified from time to time, and lemon juice can help.

⑤ Antibacterial Properties
Lemon juice has antibacterial properties as well, helping to eliminate different types of bacteria. This helps to prevent diseases and fights of bacteria that may cause skin blemishes.

⑥ Stronger Blood Vessels
Bio-flavinoids found in lemons help to strengthen your blood vessels. Ruptured blood vessels in the skin make it difficult for skin to get the nutrients needed, so strengthening those blood vessels helps to benefit your skin too.

⑦ Keep Off the Pounds